PREFERABLE II’s ultimate aim is to improve supportive care strategies for cancer survivors significantly by providing (cost-)effective, personalised live-remote exercise training to all survivors who are unwilling or unable to join on-site supervised training, thereby increasing health equity in supportive care. To reach this goal, we have formulated the following sub-objectives:

1) To integrate a (cost-)effective, personalised, live-remote exercise intervention in existing care regimes across Europe and beyond.

2) To provide insight into contextual factors that affect health equity of the remote exercise intervention and an analysis of barriers and opportunities that will enhance social inclusion and active engagement of cancer survivors.

3) To develop a legal checklist for live-remote exercise approaches, detailing the requirements and constraints for safe and ethical EU wide delivery of our approach.

4) To deliver policy and implementation guidelines and clinical guideline recommendations tailored towards our personalised, remote-exercise intervention and evidence-based patient-centred communication standards for healthcare professionals in exercise oncology.

5) To develop a professional development and education module for the intervention workforce.