The LION-COM study focusses on patient-centered communication standards for healthcare professionals in relation to cancer and exercise. The goal is to develop guidelines for healthcare professionals (HCP’s) in exercise-oncology that are based on evidence and focused on patient needs. The study is conducted in five EU countries selected to reflect cultural and health system diversity (Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain) and led by Karolinska Institutet, Sweden (SE).

The LION-COM study consists of 1) focus groups, 2) a survey and 3) a Delphi method. Two online focus groups will be conducted per site: one with healthcare professionals and one with patients. The purpose of the focus groups is to map barriers and facilitators for effective communication about exercise. The survey will have questions to develop a deeper understanding of preferences, barriers, and facilitators to effective communication about exercise from the patient perspective. The Delphi Panel methodology involves using a panel of experts who respond and discuss a questionnaire through multiple rounds to reach a consensus among panel members. The Delphi method aims to deliver evidence based, patient-centered communication standards for HCPs targeting cancer survivors.



At each site, we aim to recruit 16 participants (including patients and HCP’s) for the focus groups, 100 participants for the survey, and 3 participants (including patients and HCP’s) for the Delphi method. The first focus group has started already. The surveys will be disseminated in Oct 2024 and the first Delphi rounds start in Nov 2024. If you would like to receive more information on this study, you can send an email to