PREFERABLE II’s vision is to improve supportive care strategies for cancer survivors significantly by providing (cost-)effective, personalised live-remote exercise training to all survivors who are unwilling or unable to join on-site supervised training, thereby increasing health equity in supportive care. As such, we set out to contribute to Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and improve the well-being and HR-QoL of a substantial subgroup of the over 12 million cancer survivors in the EU and many more beyond. We set out to do this in a cost-effective manner to contribute to unburdening Europe’s health care systems, which are dealing with steadily growing numbers of cancer survivors. Therefore, we move beyond the current state of the art in exercise-oncology and provide a clear evidence base for the cost-effectiveness of personalised, live-remote exercise as a valuable addition to current supportive care strategies provided to cancer survivors. Furthermore, the knowledge acquired for cancer survivors about personalised (modular) exercise-oncology and remote delivery is directly transferable to cancer patients through the continuum of care, maximizing the impact of our results.