07/09/2023 - News
3rd Consortium Meeting in Hannover
During our third consortium meeting in Hannover we further progressed with designing and planning for the implementation of the exercise intervention.
26/04/2023 - News
PREFERABLE-II Launch event at the EU Parliament
On 26th April 2023, the PREFERABLE-II project held a one-hour event at the EU Parliament to discuss the implementation of personalised live-remote exercise-oncology for improvement of supportive care. The launch event aimed to present the project and its research goals to policy makers and was attended by medical professionals, research specialists, patient associations, and policy-makers.
You are invited to the PREFERABLE II
Launch Event in the European Parliament: "The importance of exercise for people living with or beyond cancer" April 26th: https://t.co/4SWjs2KxGI
We are happy to announce that our PREFERABLE-II website is live now! Go and have a look at https://t.co/nKY93sbbqi #HorizonEurope #ExerciseOncology
The PREFERABLE II project kicked off November 2022. Clinicians & researchers from around Europe & Australia are excited to start this project on personalized and live-remote exercise for cancer patients to improve supportive care. Follow this feed for updates & more information! https://t.co/2NJ5zbgY3T PREFERABLE_II photo